Why Backsplash Tile is a Must

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Backsplash tile is a feature in a home that doesn’t cost a whole lot, but makes a big impression. It may be one of those design elements that you may be thinking about skipping. We are here to suggest that you don’t skip on your backsplash tile! You will not regret the look and function of having a backsplash made of tile. Some of the reasons why we feel you will love your backsplash tile are:

  • Protection – It is pretty well-known that accidents happen when cooking, preparing food, and even in the bathroom when getting ready. Your walls are susceptible to stains and water damage if they are left bare and unprotected by a backsplash. A tile backsplash will prevent stains and damage to your paint and drywall. Tile is very easy to wipe clean when something gets on it.

Why Backsplash Tile is a Must

  • Style – A backsplash made of tile is the perfect way to add style and interest to a room. If you look at any model home or design book, you will almost always see a beautiful backsplash. There are many design, texture, and color choices to fit any style.
  • Pest Prevention – The kitchen is prone to pest problems. They can sneak in through cracks in the drywall. When there is a backsplash made of tile, there are no cracks, so there are fewer opportunities for pests to enter your home.

A backsplash made of tile is the perfect addition to any bathroom or kitchen. Here at The Grout ‘n Tile Tech, we specialize in tile and backsplashes. We are happy to help you with design, material selection, installation, and repairs of your tile backsplash.