Let Your Space Make a Design Splash with the Right Backsplash Tile! [infographic]

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While it is a relatively small space, your backsplash tile can provide quite the design punch! Large or small, more protective, or more decorative, there are so many design directions you can take with backsplash tile. Here at The Grout ‘n Tile Tech, we have been working for nearly two decades now helping people with various tiling services and have seen many backsplashes. Here are a few ideas when it comes to choosing a backsplash design:

  • Subway- A relatively common and classic pattern, subway tiles are rectangular and often made of porcelain. Stacked similar to a brick pattern or arranged in other patterns that could be anything from vertically placed or herringbone, you will love the versatility of this classic shape and material.
  • Stacked- Rather than offset tiles, stacked tile backsplashes need to be placed professionally since the grout lines will need to be perfect. Stacked tiles are done with a variety of different tiles, but they are often square or rectangular and need the edges to line one on top of the other in a stack.

Let Your Space Make a Design Splash with the Right Backsplash Tile! [infographic]

  • Arabesque- This tile pattern lends an interesting twist to old materials. This is a great type of backsplash tile for someone looking for a bit of unconventional style in a conventional space.
  • Mosaics- Often made of smaller tiles or tiles that have been cut, mosaics give a lot of style and are great for a backsplash tile. This enables their minimal space to get maximum stylistic impact.
  • Solid Materials- If you don’t want seams, solid materials, like slabs of quartz, granite, marble or even porcelain, are a great choice. These materials flow and give a lovely, clean and seamless look.
  • Mixed Materials- You can stick to one material for your backsplash tile or you can certainly choose to mix materials. Whether you choose a bit of metal and stone or something else, the combinations are virtually endless.
  • Glass- Glass tiles come in a variety of shapes and colors. Glass tiles can be accent pieces or create the entire backsplash.

We would love to tell you more about your options when it comes to backsplash tile! If you have questions about the best design or tile shapes and colors for your space, please contact us today.