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There are many components that go into successful kitchen design, from major items such as the appliances to smaller details like the cabinet hardware. A component that falls somewhere in the middle of these extremes is the backsplash, which serves an important functional and aesthetic purpose, but isn’t quite as high on the list of priorities as, say, choosing the right stove. When you are ready to choose your backsplash tile, our team at The Grout ‘n Tile Tech is here to help. In this article, we’ll provide a few expert tips on how to choose the right tile for this particular application in your new kitchen.

How to Choose the Right Backsplash Tile

  • Consider Your Countertops- When choosing backsplash tile, it’s important to make sure the tiles you select will complement the counters. The colors should work in harmony together, rather than clash, and the textures or patterns should work together, too. One useful rule to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t pair a visually “busy” counter with a “busy” backsplash–instead, choose one as your focal point and have the other take a backseat.
  • Consider Budget- Another thing to keep in mind when choosing backsplash tile is your budget for the project. Most standard ceramic backsplash tile options cost $8-$20 per square foot, but materials like glass, stainless steel, and fancier options get steeper in price. While beautiful tile can make a striking visual impact, you should make sure your backsplash is really the thing you want to splurge on before you commit to that idea.
  • Consider Your Practical Needs- Lastly, don’t forget that your backsplash tile should serve your practical needs–namely, protecting your walls from splashes and moisture while you cook and wash dishes. If you tend to have oil splashing around when you cook, you should invest in a tall backsplash with a durable ceramic, stone, or stainless steel tile, whereas if water or steam are your biggest concerns, glass may be your best bet.