Five Bathroom Tile Patterns to Make Your Bathroom Pop

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There are plenty of different options when it comes to bathroom tile patterns, and here at The Grout ‘n Tile Tech, we’ve seen pretty much all of them. While classic patterns like offset, linear, and straight stack are always popular and classy, you’re by no means limited to those options. With the right pattern, you can add visual interest and give your bathroom tile something extra that will make it stand out.

Five Bathroom Tile Patterns to Make Your Bathroom Pop

Below, we’ll cover five of our favorite bathroom tile patterns that can add some aesthetic intrigue to your space:

  1. Herringbone – This tile pattern is an elegant classic that doesn’t skimp on style. The herringbone pattern is typically done with rectangular tiles offset at a 45-degree angle, which creates an interesting zigzag look and brings sleek movement to a space.
  2. Basketweave – To achieve the woven look of basketweave bathroom tile, you can use a combination of rectangular and square tiles or only rectangular tiles. There are many ways to customize basketweave tile, so talk with your installer about what you want before getting started.
  3. Pinwheel – The pinwheel style uses a large central square tile and four smaller tiles to create a dynamic pattern. The small tiles are placed at the four corners of the square tile to form the pinwheel shape, and it creates a whimsical, playful effect.
  4. Chevron – Chevron is similar to herringbone, but instead of being offset, the tiles are cut to form a “V” shape to create a continuous line across the surface.
  5. Versailles (French) – French pattern bathroom tile uses a combination of large and small pieces to create an intricate, continuous pattern. This style can be used to create a more intricate pattern as an accent space, or it can be installed in larger bathrooms so that the ornate look doesn’t feel overwhelming.

If you’re curious about how you can add texture and personality to your bathroom tile, our experts would be happy to talk with you. Reach out today to learn more!