Benefits You Will Love with a Custom-Poured Shower Pan

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When constructing your new shower, you may be asked if you want a custom-poured shower pan or a prefabricated one. They both will get the job done and provide a safe place for water to fall and drain out of your shower, so why choose a custom-poured shower pan? The reasons we often recommend custom-poured shower pans are:

  • Custom – Custom-poured shower pans can be made into any shape. You are not limited to the set dimensions of a typical shower pan. You can go ahead and design your shower however you like because with a custom-poured shower pan, you can do just about anything.

Benefits You Will Love with a Custom-Poured Shower Pan

  • Tile Depth – Do you want to use two or more different types of tiles in your shower? If those different tiles have different thicknesses, you will have a hard time installing them without a custom-poured shower pan. Installation will be much smoother and simpler with a custom option.
  • Cost – The cost of materials (cement, sand, latex additives) are very inexpensive. The cost of labor may be more, but with the added benefits of this custom approach, you would be wise in the long run to choose a custom-poured shower pan.

Custom-poured shower pans open up many possibilities in design, function, and style. Give us a call at The Grout ‘n Tile Tech to discuss your future shower project. We have years of experience and expertise in shower pans. We are happy to help you in any way we can.