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Our experts are ready to assist with your grouting needs.

The grout is an important part of your tile installation. If the grout in your bathroom, kitchen or other area looks discolored and deteriorated while the tile’s luster remains, you can count on our highly skilled professionals here at The Grout ‘n Tile Tech for hassle-free grout cleaning, sealing, and installation services in Fort Collins, Colorado and surrounding areas.

Grouting in Fort Collins, Colorada

Grout is the material that is spread between the tiles. It can be thinner than a strand of yarn or thicker than rope for more visual impact, but the sizing is ultimately up to you. Often made of a more abrasive and porous material, other grouts need to be sealed regularly to keep water from working its way in and breaking down the grout or growing mold. Our grouting, on the other hand, forms a permanent seal to avoid those problems. This means that we can build you a solid shower pan that will never fail!

Tile and Grouting made simple

We offer several different grouting services for your needs in the area, including colorizing your grout, cleaning and sealing existing grout, installing our permanent seal grouting, and re-grouting areas. Whether you are starting with new tile or tile that looks new, we can help it shine with the best in grouting materials and services.

If you have been looking for someone who can revitalize a floor, countertop or other tiled area in your Fort Collins area home or office, we would love to help! We are often able to complete 80% of our work on in one day and offer free estimates for our services. If you would like to learn more about our company, get a free estimate or need help with your grouting, please give us a call today!

At The Grout ‘n Tile Tech, we offer grouting services in Fort Collins, Loveland, Windsor, Timnath, Severance, Kelim, Masonville, Laporte, Bellvue, and Wellington, Colorado.


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