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You’ll love working with our team for all your tile and grout needs!

Finding quality tile and grouting services is easier than a snap of the chalk line when you choose our experts here at The Grout ‘n Tile Tech! In the Fort Collins, Colorado area, our family-owned business has been quietly and confidently building a reputation for excellence since 2002, and we know that once you work with us, you won’t want to work with anyone else for tile, grouting, caulking, or polishing needs!

About The Grout ‘n Tile Tech in Fort Collins, Colorado

We are a local business that started by helping out the community members around us. We went the extra mile by providing services that others would not at no extra charge, such as taking the time to tidy up after ourselves or perfecting that caulk line. Our wonderful clients noticed our attention to detail and our insistence on finding quality materials, and they helped us grow our business and reputation through word of mouth. Now, we have years of experience and many more clients, but we still take the time to make every project shine.

Grouting the area in your home

Over the years, we have expanded our services to include things such as re-grouting, cracked tile replacements, grout repairs, caulking, custom poured shower pans, polishing of granite and marble, cultured marble slab installations, even cleaning and sealing grout. We offer top brands like Florida Tile and Dal Tile and would love to assist you in your next project.

If you are looking for someone who takes pride in their work and offers a variety of services, we would love to offer you a free phone or in-person estimate. To learn more about our services or to call for a free estimate, please contact us today.